Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Decode the Dots

“There are no accidents... there is only some purpose that we haven't yet understood.” – Deepak Chopra

There are no accidents! The Universe is so proficient, structured and prearranged that every single thing that you have gone through has been getting you ready for a far greater purpose. Every single incident, person and situation that you have encountered till date has been no accident. It has been steadily fashioning you into a flawless instrument to fulfill your unique destiny and help you make an exclusive impact in the world.

Your life’s greater purpose is encoded in your life story. Like the dots of a puzzle, it has all been pre-designed to get your ready for a greater purpose in the new era that we are shifting into. Even as you believe that there’s a lot of negativity, chaos and turbulence going on in the world around you and that your life is falling apart, the truth is that things are actually falling into sync together!

Creation follows destruction. After endings come great new beginnings. We live in one of the most exciting times on earth, a time you chose to show up for. You have within you a unique gift that only you can offer. You are not here not by mere accident, but with a higher purpose. Instead of being cynical, disparaging, reactive or a doubter, become a believer. Why waste your energies agonizing about the darkness in the tunnel, when you can trust the universe and walk confidently towards the light at the end of that tunnel.

Just as rocks are part of the dusty road, and a thread part of the fabric, we are a part of something much bigger. The dots of a puzzle never make sense as you meander through the maze, but if you persist determinedly, at some point that ‘aha’ moment is bound to strike and the entire design decodes itself seamlessly in front of your eyes. If you can just glimpse how seamlessly life has been setting you up for a much bigger role, it will astonish you. Give yourself time and space to germinate your potential. Kill your doubts and banish the doubters. Your innermost feelings and emotions are your greatest guide to tell you if your life is surging forward in a purposeful direction or not, so introspect and respect your inner voice.

There are infinite possibilities, but be aware that your life purpose may not lead you where you wished to go. To truly rise, liberate your preconditioned fears and be willing to let go of the life you may have envisaged. Be ready to accept the role that has been pre-scripted for you. You may not end up with your dream role, but you will surely end up where you truly need to be. Don’t be so concerned with other people’s opinions, judgement and disdain; instead be resolute about staying true to the real purpose of your life. 

Unleash your potential. The Universe needs you to let go of your fears and unlock your life code so that you can play out your unique part in this remarkable and milestone once-in-a-lifetime shift on the planet.

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