Wednesday, 23 March 2016

For in Death we are Reborn again...

Let the fires of Holi burn bright tonight so that all our fears & delusions can be burnt away and all that remains is the truth of our true self.

The Crucifixion of Good Friday required to remind us of the death of an old paradigm, an outdated materialistic & self-centred era.

And the resurrection of Easter Sunday necessary to help us leap to a new way of thinking, a brand new beginning. A muuch needed wake up call from the long sleep of our illusion of separateness to the truth of our collective sacred heart. 

A recognition that our apparent separation is really an illusion and that we already are, and always have been One Human Family.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Time for Inner Reflection

The tragic and senseless terror attacks in Brussels urges us to let go of the need to be right and embrace the possibilities inherent in deep listening and deep seeing ... of looking into the eyes of our so called ‘enemy’ and recognizing even the tiniest smidgen of shared humanity upon which can be built foundations for a New World.

The world as it stands today is challenged by many opposing forces. We feel them both personally and collectively, pushing against our own will, raising difficult questions, triggering issues we would rather evade ad infinitum.

How we manage our own inner conflicts largely dictates how we manage external ones. If we struggle with our own anger or hatred, telling ourselves we shouldn’t feel this way, we will struggle to respond effectively to the anger of others.

If we fear our own power – preferring to see ourselves as victim rather than creator – we may too readily succumb to the power wielded by others, adopting their thoughts and priorities, behaviours and lifestyles without discerning the right path for us.

But if we refuse to acknowledge our own inner tyrant who demands its own way no matter what, we may project it onto the world around us, pointing the finger at those bullies out there without recognizing their reflection within ourselves.

We identify with those parts of ourselves we can live with and avoid the bits we can’t, when in fact we can live with all of it when wise discernment, gentle acceptance, compassion and understanding inform our attitude and shape our inner and outer relationships.

Time to reflect upon what divides us, what unites us and how we can move forward together in a life-affirming and positive way. Time to encourage each other and ourselves.

Time to hold up to others a mirror in which they can see their potential, not their failings: a divine child of God not an orphan of circumstance.