Monday, 2 June 2014

Don’t Die with your Music still in You

Sad but true, most men will die with the music still in them!
All of us are special beings, gifted abundantly with many innate talents and skills, all created with a special purpose and contribution to make to the world. Maybe your contribution is to be a great teacher who can mould young minds for a great future. Or you could be a great scientist who will finally find the cure for AIDS. Maybe you are a gifted writer who will leave a lasting impression with your insightful words. Or a great entrepreneur who will set up a company that will provide work to millions. Whatever your inherent talent and passion, don’t let it get snuffed out when your time’s up.
Life is too short to endlessly put off your dreams, hoping that someday, you’ll magically begin to actually live your real dream. Ask yourself “If I were to die within the next 48 hours, have I really achieved my life’s purpose? Have I really played out my music?” If your answer is a resounding NO, then what’s your excuse?
I’ve seen so many people live out their final years being bitter, resentful and angry about the fact that they never took a shot at pursuing their passion. To know that there are millions out there who will die by this time tomorrow with the music still left silent in them is a tragedy. Reminds me of the words of Rabindranath Tagore, “I have been stringing and re-stringing my instrument while the song I came to sing remains unsung.” I hope you are not going to end up being one of those teeming millions who utter these poignant words in your final moments!
I do agree that it’s a very scary process to break out of the comfort mould and listen to the music within. But taking the first step to playing out your passion isn’t as daunting as lying on your death bed wondering if your entire life’s existence has been wasted.
Start the process by asking yourself the all important question, “Why am I here?” Is it to accumulate tons of money and other material possessions? Safeguard your job till you retire? Spend more money and time protecting these accumulated resources? Well, ironical isn’t it, the only thing you can’t take away with you are these possessions! And here’s the shocker! While you’re slogging so hard to accumulate your material possessions, you could just die unexpectedly. No warning, no more time left to play out your song. As abruptly as that!
Now let’s look at the converse. What’s the damage if you pursue your passion? If you are currently unhappy with your life, then you are already bankrupt from within! So what’s the real risk? If you’re stuck at a job that you hate but still endure just to earn your daily wage then your life is already a sham and will further sink into despair as the years roll by. The emptiness will gnaw from within and it’s only a matter of time before this takes a toll on your physical wellbeing. In the long run, your material possessions are going to crumble to dust one day. Lose it before it loses you!
So what do I mean when I re-iterate “Don’t die with the music still in you”? I think you already know the answer. You are aware of your sense of’s only making that leap of faith that’s preventing you from playing out your own unique song. You’re educated, resourceful and long do you think it will take before you convert your passion into a revenue stream. The interim ‘leap of faith’ period may be the only fiscally tough period, but you have to take that plunge sooner or later. Why not now? Anyways you’re spending the greater part of your time slogging away at a thankless job making money for someone else, why not make that money for yourself even as you pursue your life’s passion?

Don’t hesitate, commit to your dream. Initiative taken is the first step, and once on the path to accomplishing your passion, you will be surprised at how the cosmos will conspire to align all forces in your favour. Unforeseen people and resources that you couldn’t have even imagined will come your way, albeit magically! But that’s only because you chose to take the first step. Go ahead...take that leap of least you didn’t let your music die in you!